The Trial of the Stones

The fastest and most efficient automation engineers got that way by practicing. In the spirit of fun, I have created a Ninja Trial to challenge your new skills. This will test your knowledge of the basic selenium commands, but more importantly it will flex your problem-solving skills. After all, it is these that will make you successful in the long run.

The Rules:

  1. You may practice and explore manually, but to succeed the answers to all three riddles must completely automated
  2. Once the riddles have been solved, click the 'Check Answers' button automatically
  3. Perform an 'assert' to verify that the message 'Trial Complete' has been displayed
  4. On the challenge of the Two Merchants, if you are not yet comfortable enough with Python to compare merchant wealth and discover the name dynamically, you may start by finding the Web Element representing the highest number and navigating to the merchant's name from there using XPATH.

Riddle of Stone

Riddle of Secrets

The Two Merchants