Technical Tester: Web Applications 1


Career Intro

Discuss software testing as a career, a typical 5-year plan, salary expectations, and disciplines. What are our goals for this course?



New Car

Discuss how one would test a new car, and how to create a test plan. Consider time constraints, and what it means to say something "works".

Activity: Collaborate to produce a test plan



Types of Testing

What are the different types of software testing? When are they used?

  • Acceptance
  • Functional
  • Integration
  • Regression
  • Smoke

Activity: Break up your team's tests into categories


Levels of Testing

What are the different levels of testing?

  • Black Box
  • Grey Box
  • White Box

Break down the components of a typical Web Application. What are the riskiest pieces? Is it better to test the whole system, or focus on subsystems?


Web Applications

  • Code
    • Front End
      • Javascript
    • Backend
      • Java, Ruby, Python, etc.
  • Interface
  • Communication
  • Data Persistance


Newsfeed App

Test this homegrown web app that I created, record bugs, and communicate ways to improve it.